Training & Consulting

Facilitation Leadership Group training is based on New Story values and vision as well as research and practice. Participants can expect:
  • Knowledgeable Leaders
    Participants will be inspired by knowledgeable leaders, effective process, and mutual learning with other participants.
  • Useful Information
    Participants will receive useful information and resources on facilitating the New Story.
  • Meaningful Experience
    Participants will experience stimulating presentations and reflective dialogue that leads to personal growth.
  • Practical Tools
    Participants will experience realistic tools, strategies, and techniques for immediate use in their work.
  • Interactive Learning
    Participants will participate in interactive activities designed to deepen personal awareness and facilitation skills.
Who Can Benefit From Facilitation Training
We live in an era when many people want change. This includes individuals, families, service organizations and communities. We have worked in the New Story for many years, both in our personal lives and in organizations. This work has motivated us to share the power of facilitation with others.
Our approach to facilitation recognizes that all of us can benefit from the skills of listening, conversation, networking, planning, group work, collaboration, and negotiation – the essence of facilitation.
Some people who attend our training events are ‘facilitators’ in their work life. Other participants may see the importance of facilitation in their personal life – they may be a family member, a member of a support network, or being supported themselves. Other participants may be service providers in the non-profit sector and see the need for deepening their understanding of the New Story.
Types of Facilitation Training
  • Intensive 3-4 day sessions
  • Retreat style sessions
  • Weekly or Monthly sessions over a period of time, including on-line courses and coaching
  • One day introduction to values, vision, and principles of the New Story
 What You Will Learn at Facilitation Training
  • The components of value based facilitation
  • Heightened awareness of yourself and your environment during facilitation processes
  • Reframing what we already know!
  • Facilitating with principles and strategies that assist others to live a good and ordinary life in community
  • Building group participation
  • Linking dreams and strengths with community engagement and contribution
  • Collaboration – working across differences and finding common ground
  • Developing relationships and networks
  • Seeing possibilities everywhere
  • Standing still to reflect
Consultation – How We Can Help Your Change Process
When people and organizations decide they want to change toward the New Story, they often need support to make the shift. More and more non-profit organizations are seeing the value of facilitation, whether formal or informal.
Independent Facilitation is an important component of transformed service systems. Independent Facilitation enables families and individuals to access an independent facilitator, who assists with value based planning, network development, and community development.
The Facilitation Leadership group provides consultation support to organizations and communities that are working to create the New Story and Independent Facilitation in their communities
The following principles outline how we work with groups that are working for change:
  • We believe that values and principles are an important foundation for change
  • We believe that participation of all stakeholders is essential to the change process
  • We believe that leaders can emerge at any point and we will nurture leaders in this process
  • We believe organizational functions and structures can change in ways that inspire, motivate, build collaboration and lead to action.
Our consultation support is currently assisting communities to build the New Story and launch Independent Facilitation. This consultation support often follows facilitation training.