The Power of Facilitation

One powerful strategy that is beginning to take hold in the New Story is facilitation. Independent facilitators who engage with individuals, their families and networks enable people to identify their strengths and dreams and to act on them. Facilitators focus on self-determination and community, and create opportunities for people  to experience community in all its possibilities. We believe it is possible for communities to create places of belonging and contribution for everyone.
Independent facilitators work for the person, their family and network. They listen deeply, help plan, connect others with community life, assist people to strengthen social networks, and community development.

Assumptions about People & Change

“The issue is not always more services but more opportunity”
There are people in our communities who are lonely and isolated. Facilitation intentionally develops and strengthens relationships, finds ways for people to participate and contribute in community life.
People must be empowered to lead their own lives”
The essence of our work is to mobilize and empower local people and groups to make change in their circumstance. Facilitation builds on leadership at all levels of society, builds alliances with others, and mobilizes people to support inclusion for everyone.
“Facilitators are one of the keys to success”
There is a growing recognition that facilitation can be a cornerstone skill and craft to assist people to build meaningful lives in community. Our highest priority is the empowerment of all members in our society including those who experience vulnerability. Facilitators provide others with the tools they need to have information, a vision for their own life, see possibilities, engage in meaningful planning processes and take action.
Leaders & Mediators of the New Story
It is in the spirit of capacity building, that communities of practice are emerging. These groups support each other to deepen their skills and knowledge of the craft of facilitation. The Facilitation Leadership Group assists facilitators as they continue to develop and nourish their personal skills as well as their collective communities of practice.
Facilitators are leaders of the New Story because the New Story requires facilitation.