facilitating2 Facilitating an Everyday Life: Independent Facilitation and what really matters in a New Story
by John Lord, Barbara Leavitt and Charlotte Dingwall
ISBN 978-1-895418-73-6
This book is about independent facilitation…
Independent facilitation frees facilitators to be dedicated to citizens who experience vulnerability because of labels, disability, chronic illness, poverty, or aging. Facilitators are independent of biases from others such as service systems and funding bodies.
Independent facilitation puts belief and hope in community because that is where relationships and safeguards play out for all of us.
Independent facilitation builds resilience and capacity in individuals, families, and communities.
Independent facilitation flourishes when it is embedded in community, in facilitator networks, and is supported by local action and government policy.
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Pathways2e Pathways to Inclusion: Building a New Story with People and Communities, Third Edition
by John Lord and Peggy Hutchison
Well researched, with clear dialogue and interspersed with insightful anecdotes, Pathways to Inclusion inspires change within both human services and the greater community. This book outlines pathways to inclusion, detailing the need for social innovation and a New Story (2016 Captus Press Inc.)

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creating-a-good-life Creating a Good Life in Community: A Guide to Person-Directed Planning
by Charlotte Dingwall, Kristi Kemp and Barbara Fowke
Person-directed planning puts the person with a disability at the heart of important decisions that affect their life. . Person-directed planning is an interactive, person-focused, ongoing process that helps bring clarity to the decision-making process. Understanding and undertaking the steps involved in person-directed planning is often the first step required to building a good life in community. This guide will assist families and people with developmental disabilities to plan for their future.
You can obtain free copies of this guide and a plain language version at these websites: Plain Language Version
friendsandinclusion Friends & Inclusion: Five Approaches to Building Relationships
by Peggy Hutchison and John Lord with Karen Lord
It’s about relationships! It’s that simple and that complex. But that is true for all of us; it takes work to build and sustain friendships. If you happen to experience a disability, building relationships must be even more intentional. It is just a matter of degree. We all need to Belong.
Peggy, John & Karen describe their personal search and exploration of five approaches to building the good life that Karen enjoys. Their frank assessment is instructive and will assist individuals, families and organizations to be more responsive in the most important assignment of a lifetime – building a network of relationships, so we lead full lives as engaged, participating and contributing citizens, and don’t end up being isolated bystanders. Let Karen be your mentor. She has it figured out for herself – with a little help from her friends.
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pub_voices Voices… speaking out on everything from education to discrimination (2004)
by: Barbara Leavitt and Carolyn Bender
A compilation of 24 stories and dozens of short insights. The contributors share their thoughts on a range of topics from the health care system, the education system, living in institutions and how discrimination has affected their lives. It is a celebration of the many wonderful people and agencies that have made a positive difference in their lives. It is also a wake up call to those systems which simply do not see the individual human being through their own bureaucracies.