Upcoming Workshops

Would you like to sponsor an FLG Workshop in your area?

sponsor-flgTraining events are typically 3 or 4 days in length, and there is also a 5 day option. The intense training is “inside-out” work, which enables potential facilitators to learn more about themselves as they learn about ways to facilitate with others. The 3 day workshop is foundational.  The four day workshop involves three full days, followed by 4-5 weeks of practice, and then a fourth
follow-up day.  The fourth and fifth day (in a 5 day workshop) run consecutively.

The trainings, created and based upon the extensive work of John Lord and Charlotte Dingwall, have run for over 10 years and have received very positive feedback.  People who take the workshops learn how to facilitate with an adult-learning model which emphasizes values and principles, knowledge and skills.

Workshops are typically sponsored by one or two (or more) local organizations, who see the benefits of such a training for their staff, facilitators, interested family members and community, as well as self-advocates.  The training environment works best when sponsors create a room that includes diverse stakeholders – potential facilitators, service providers, family members, and people with disabilities.  Sponsors organize promotion, registration, venue and event planning.

To cover sponsorship costs, typically sponsors charge participants around $550 for professionals for a four day event and less for families and self-advocates.  The three day event is often charged at around $450 per participant. Sometimes sponsors offer bursaries.  These amounts are ultimately decided upon by the sponsors.  There is an overall fee for the training.  Usually two facilitators lead the workshop (one for day-four of a four day event).  Facilitator mileage, accommodation and meals are also charged to the sponsor.  A comprehensive binder is supplied, which sponsors copy for each participant.  Email coaching support for participants is also provided during the workshop period. Thirty to forty-five participants are ideal workshop numbers.  Should the number of participants be 15 or lower, only one facilitator/leader would be required and this would reduce the training fee.  In addition, coaching is available for a per diem fee that can either be one-to-one or small groups as a follow-up to the trainings.   Please feel free to contact me to talk about training fee costs for the specific kind of training required.

I would be happy to have a conversation with you about possibilities related to sponsoring a workshop.  I also refer you to further information on the website www.facilitationleadership.com, and to the book which accompanies the course: Facilitating an Everyday Life by John Lord, Charlotte Dingwall and Barbara Leavitt.

Facilitation Leadership Group would love to be in your area soon!

Niki Stevenson, Director

Download the PDF here and share it with someone who might want to invite the Facilitation Leadership Group.