Building a New Story with People and Community

We believe that our communities are strengthened by the presence of its entire people. Unfortunately, there are still community members who are excluded from everyday community life. We believe that people long to participate as citizens in their neighbourhoods, in civic society, and in workplaces. This thinking has led us to a New Story that emphasizes self-determination and community.
In the New Story, people share places, enjoy relationships, and have control over their lives and services. The New Story provides opportunity for all of us to create more flexible and responsive interactions.
The New Story is based on guiding principles. These principles are consistent with the determinants of health and what we know about building healthy people and communities.

Principles that guide independent facilitation

  1. The power of decision-making about the person’s life rests with the person and others whom he/she chooses.
  2. People’s strengths, as well as what they imagine for their future, guide how they build an everyday life.
  1. Community is the first resort in building a good life.
  2. Relationships and networks of people are intentionally developed.
Capacity Building
  1. Independent facilitation leverages strengths in individuals and groups to mobilize people to act in new ways.
  2. Funding for supports and services is individualized and portable.