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Director of the Facilitation Leadership Group

niki-facilitation-leadership-group-web Niki Stevenson is a community developer, facilitator and organizational leader. She lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, having moved from England to Labrador and Newfoundland in the 1980s.

She has been involved with people with disabilities through the independent living movement and developmental services since the mid-90s, and maintains a strong commitment to people’s self-determination and the right of everyone to live a life of full citizenship in their community. She has worked extensively in assisting people to create alternative living options, as well as employment, volunteer and community engagement opportunities.

She is a program manager at a developmental services agency in Kitchener, Ontario. She is also a member of the Citizen Centred Leadership Development Community of Practice at Cornell University (K.L. Yang and H.E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability), which develops and facilitates citizenship conversations and courses through interactive web sessions and in person.

Having been an Associate of the Facilitation Leadership Group since 2012, she became Director and Lead on April 1, 2017, and is honoured to continue the work of the New Story, which was created by John Lord and Charlotte Dingwall.

Associates of the Facilitation Leadership Group

john 250x215 John Lord is a researcher, educator, innovator, and author. He lives in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. For decades, his mission has been to use research and education to create positive change in human services and communities, so that vulnerable citizens can achieve full citizenship, participation, and equality.

John has been a leader and founder of several local, provincial, and national initiatives designed to meet this mission. He was a founder and first director of the Centre for Community Based Research and Education in Human Services in Kitchener, Ontario.

He believes in the power of facilitation and has developed training for facilitators, in research settings and with facilitators in the community.

John’s most recent articles challenge policy makers and community agencies to move toward what John calls the New Story, a new paradigm approach to supporting vulnerable citizens in community. For more about John, see www.JohnLord.net.

Charlotte-image Charlotte Dingwall is a facilitator, adult educator and author. She lives in Lakeside, Ontario, Canada. She has had 25 years experience as a facilitator.

She has developed training for adults in the areas of value based planning, inclusion, community development, circle of supports and community partnership. She coaches facilitators in their learning and development of facilitation skills whether they are new to facilitation or veterans of many years.

Charlotte often works in-house with support staff, management and facilitators to further develop their existing skills. She provides on going coaching support to assist participants to put their learning into action in their workplaces.

BelindaProfilePic Belinda Deenik is a facilitator, life coach, and trainer. She is the owner of Lifeworks Coaching and Facilitation. Along with her private work, Belinda is the Manager of Independent Planning with Facile Perth (covering the Grey/Bruce region). She has fulfilled a variety of roles within the social service sector including; coordinating programs and services, program and training development, consultation and collaborative design.

Over the past 20 years, she has worked extensively, to support individuals, families and organizations, to explore possibilities, discover new pathways and mobilize resources. She is passionate about working within co-creative relationships and focusing on community as a pivotal cornerstone for connection, belonging and growth.

BarbLeavitt Barbara Leavitt has travelled through many roles in the service system in the past 25 years.

Her experience includes extensive development and delivery of workshops and training sessions; development, implementation and coordination of individualized funding and a brokerage system of support; agency evaluation; compiling people’s stories for publication; helping people and their families plan; helping people develop relationships and ‘circles’; and working with people to form self-advocacy groups.

Barbara now works in the public health field where her work with social determinants of health constantly informs her facilitation. Barbara is a founding member of lpw associates.